Bookkeeping For A Restaurant

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How To Handle Bookkeeping For A Restaurant

The aspect of restaurant management that is often neglected is bookkeeping. Truth is, once you start falling behind on your bookkeeping for a restaurant, it becomes difficult to catch up on details. Underneath the simple need to own a restaurant, cook, and serve great food, there are a whole lot of responsibilities that you may not be trained to handle. This includes tracking and recording of reports and numbers. Bookkeeping for restaurants provides correct and timely accounting for restaurants, bars, and other related businesses. To get your business and finances on the right track, you need to understand that it all starts with practicing it. Whether you’re running bookkeeping services or outsourcing one, you need to stay on top of your daily activities. An effective bookkeeping service will not only boost your business but will give you the personal time you need. Here are the top ways to manage your bookkeeping for restaurants and stay ahead of the competition.

The Bookkeeping For A Restaurant To-Do List 

#1. Record Daily Sales

As a restaurant account manager, you need to separate your daily sales entries. This way, you can understand the way all cash and card deposits get to the restaurant’s bank. Credit cards are used in most restaurants to clear a lot of batches daily. This results in credit card deposits that can hit and separate your bank accounts for each batch. You need to resolve and analyze how these funds are hitting your bank and organize your restaurant accounting system to take the same image of that activity.

#2. Payrolls

When it comes to doing your payroll, you are at major risk if it is done incorrectly. If you record your payroll late the interest and punishment can be massive. You may also be accountable and kept at a high liability for not outsourcing payrolls to a bookkeeping company. The outsourcing process is very important to ensure you get the right and consistent accounting and paychecks. 

#3. Reconciling Accounts

One major part of the entire process of bookkeeping for restaurants is reconciling your accounts. Reconciling accounts is one sure way to confirm that all financial transactions in your restaurant are recorded. The process runs through all your accounts and not just your bank accounts. Every account with statements that start and end with a balance can be duly reconciled. It ensures that you deliver a proper financial report. Reconciling accounts ensure that you are looking at accurate financial reports.

#4. Finance Reports

To avoid running your business blindly, you need to make use of financial reporting. In the restaurant industry, analyzing reports daily is one way to ease tight profit margins.  

#5. Cost Calculation

When it comes to a restaurant business, it’s no secret that to make food, you have to buy the necessary ingredients. This calculation entails the cost of:

  • Labor
  • Equipment
  • Goods sold
  • Occupancy
  • Marketing

You need to let the world know about your business, which includes ads, billboards, and social media. Generally, everything depends on the restaurant business.


Practicing bookkeeping for  a restaurant will help you earn some money for yourself and other people that help with necessities. To meet up with your daily activities, outsourcing the right accounting services for your restaurant is important. Consider payrolls and other functions that will help you focus on getting a successful business. EBookkeeper Group assist with bookkeeping.

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