Bookkeeping For Dentists

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Common Mistakes You Should Avoid In Bookkeeping For Dentists

You probably do not think you need to disturb yourself with understanding bookkeeping for dentists. But no matter how skilled you are as a dentist, your practice still needs proper and sound financial management to be successful. Of course. You can always perform your duties with the utmost skill, but in the world of dental bookkeeping, you might get less confident. Managing the money and updating spreadsheets might be easy, but some things can be done in a better way. Dentists must practice proper bookkeeping methods or risk losing a lot of money. In the business world today, it is important for your dental practice to have detailed and accurate procedures for business and tax planning.  Bookkeeping for dentists requires that you understand the practice as it wholly relates to accounting. Here are a few top bookkeeping mistakes made by dental practices, and the different impacts they can cause.

What You Shouldn’t Do With Bookkeeping For Dentists

#1. Inability To Tell The Difference Between Profit And Cash Flow

Most dentists or hired bookkeepers do not understand financial reports or how to even read them. As a bookkeeper of a dental practice, it is a big mistake to provide the dentist with the profit digits and details if requested. Any dentist may assume that cash is available. Here is the problem in all of that, the profit amount is not the same with available cash for purchasing purposes. Eventually, the dentist may decide to make some purchases that may incur extra charges. 

#2. Recording Transactions In A Previous Period

All practice books should be closed every month. This closing process involves reconciling and preparing financial accounts and statements. After closing the books for the period, all transactions and changes should not be recorded and made for that period. Entering them into a closed period is a costly mistake. It could result in an adjustment that doesn’t match your finance books or bank balance. If unnoticed, reports and tax documents will be wrongly recorded. Any repair or correction to be made to the financials. maybe expensive.

#3. Inability To Work With The Right Accountant 

Hiring a professional in the business of bookkeeping for dentists will give an accurate view of financial conditions daily. It also guarantees a financial statement prepared according to General Acceptance Accounting Principles. Getting an inexperienced bookkeeper can lead to mistakes like theft and an inaccurate accounting system. 

#4. Not Using A Standard Chart Of Account

A standard chart of accounts can be used to track the inflow of money that is spent or received. To create an accounting system, set up accounts that can be tracked according to a general dental standard. Mistakes made by dentists are hiring an inexperienced accountant or using a general chart that provides the insight needed to improve and streamline the dental practice effectively.


Every sound and successful dental financial management begins with you understanding bookkeeping for dentist skills. This is important for you to efficiently carry out a dental practice. The right bookkeeping services can give you the assistance you need to save time and money. It can also build an operating system that gives you peace of mind. 

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