Bookkeeping For Independent Contractors

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Top 5 Rules of Bookkeeping For Independent Contractors 

Whether you are working solely as a contractor for other businesses, or as an entrepreneur, you need to know the rules of bookkeeping for independent contractors. Contractors are persons or a firm that provides goods and services under or a written or verbal agreement. If you work as an independent contractor, you will need the right start off with financial paperwork. Being an independent contractor may have big dreams, but you may encounter problems if you are not willing to do some tasks like tracking expenses and staying updated with tax payments. So, you must make it mandatory to stay updated on accounting and bookkeeping for independent contractors. This will give you a picture of your business and how your company can make profits. Below, we will be looking at five different rules of bookkeeping you need to consider as an independent contractor.

What To Do As An Independent Contractors For Bookkeeping

#1. Track Your Expenses

As a contractor, keeping track of every expense you make, no matter how small, is very crucial for the running of your business. Every expense plays a role in the deduction of tax. All you need to do is play your part by showing proof of transactions and documentation. Be sure to keep records of transactions every month, with invoices and receipts that you receive them. This helps to resolve a lot of issues. 

#2. Differentiate Personal From Business Finances

You must learn to separate accounts for their different purposes. As a contractor, you should be aware of the inflow of money through your firm. Plan and decide to set up separate accounts for each payment and make use of a registered card for your business transactions. Sometimes, creating different accounts for your business makes it easy to manage tasks like vendor payments, payrolls, and others.  

#3. Obey The Rules

These rules have a way of improving the growth of your business, so you need to understand them. Most importantly, be sure you comply with them because defaulting on a law always has a way of biting you right back.

#4. Save Up For The Future 

Your business might be running smoothly, with lots of profit, but it doesn’t suggest that you spend the money on expenses that are not necessary. Remember that preparation for future expenses like payments for tax, payrolls, and many are important. Enjoy the benefits and profits of the season, but see the need to save up and keep aside money that will help you in the running of your business. Contraction companies also go through slow seasons. 

#5. Ask For Help

Do not be afraid to seek the help you need for the growth of your business. Stop trying to dig up the ground from the start, on your own. Connecting with people and talking to them is a lot of benefit on its own. You can also search for mentors on the same contraction business and get to learn from their own experiences. Be free to hire more contractors that can give you the support you need. 


When you hire assistance from the right accounting and bookkeeping for independent contractors, you will be grateful you didn’t hold back. One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an independent contractor is trying to execute so many things at the same time. Time is essential, so save it by creating a financial plan for the future. EBookkeeper Group assist independent contractor’s with bookkeeping feel free to contact us.

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