Bookkeeping For Influencers

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Basic Tips Of Bookkeeping For Influencers

As an influencer, you need to know all there is about bookkeeping for influencers. This is because besides getting more customers and making money, you will be managing the finance books. With the increasing pressure to improve your skills and get more clients, bookkeeping may be the last thing on your mind. That’s understandable. Sometimes, bookkeeping can be so much of a bore. The main aim of hiring a bookkeeper is to keep and update the books, but you are to manage your financial records for your business. Bookkeeping gives you an accurate financial statement that shows you a proof of improvement from the starting point of your business. We will be stating a few simple tips of bookkeeping for influencers you can practice, that will help you improve your finances.

Things Influencers Need To Do For Bookkeeping

#1. Track Your Income And Expenses

All incomes and expenses associated with your business need to be properly tracked. Why? As much as this might not make much sense, it is one way to relieve stress. This stress may come from multiple tasks of increasing expenses and streams of income. Always ensure you file all earnings or profits deposited at the business bank account. You can easily keep track of the expenses from here.

#2. Keep Records

Record keeping is a major part of bookkeeping and accounting. You will need these records to prove every claim you make after an audit. Ensure that all business receipts and invoices for any business expenses are also tracked. Log in to an online account to track and have access to any receipt or invoice you do not have. It is important that you also keep records of the income you accept. The acceptable time rate to keep these records is for 7 years.

#3. Online Software 

Another important bookkeeping tip for influencers is the online system or bookkeeping software. This software can save time, organize and keep your finance records properly. It also saves you the stress of writing your business transactions in a ledger. Bookkeeping software is also known to keep a record of your savings and expenses. It is a great and easy way to monitor the progress of your business financially.

#4. Separate Bank Accounts

One more crucial thing to do is to set up different bank accounts for your business. It is a very easy and sure method of separating your business and personal finances. This includes funds, profits, and expenses. Set these accounts up for the direct transfer of your business income into the bank account. Your business expenses can also be paid from this account. No personal transaction is made in or from the business account, and no business transaction is made from the personal account. You may decide to open additional accounts, based on the level of income and business structure. Consult a professional to confirm what account type would best suit your needs. 


Practicing or hiring the right bookkeeping for influencers is a great way to manage your financial books. These reports are a great way to know the overall performance of your business. You can know what changes to make to earn more and stay profitable. Note that adapting or hiring the right bookkeeping services for your business is a great way to succeed, contact us today for a free quote.

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