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Business owner doing their own books take time away from other activities that generate income for the business. Whereas, a reputable bookkeeper such as eBookkeeper Group helps the business bottom line. eBookkeeper Group diligently collect accounts receivables, pay bills on time – which in-turn helps the credit score of your business because it will prevent late fees, which can be costly and eating away profit.

eBookkeeper Group will provide the business owner all the necessary information needed to facilitate sound financial business decisions. Business owners will effortlessly have organized books, taxes will be paid on-time and so is payroll. In addition, you will have information that is readily available for instant reviewing. In this way, the owner, creditors, accountants, and investors can have easy access to your financial profile.

eBookkeeper Group is cost effective than having an in-house bookkeeper. The business owner does not have to worry about paid benefits such as vacation, retirement plan, taxes, etc. and/or setting up a computer in a quiet location for the in-house bookkeeper to use in-order to effectively do their job because of its nature. eBookkeeper Group can be a trusted part of your team with advice on financial transactions.

We are the know-how and the expert on financial issues. Bookkeeping is our business and we keep abreast through on-going education on new information, legislation, regulations, and standard practices.

You will instantly be in control of your cash flow and reduce tax liabilities through management controls. Not only will you have access to customized financial reports to make business decisions, but you will be able to seamlessly prepare timely budgets and review past performance to forecast the future plans for your business and find ways to maximize profit.

eBookkeeper Group will give you peace of mind. We will have reporting system for your business and we will have them timely, up-to-date and accurately. We will keep you abreast of any changes in regulations. We will keep you informed of important dates such as for tax due dates, and much more. We will be a natural extension of your business without the costly overhead. We are an investment and not an expense. We are specialist with up-to-date knowledge of any tax legislation to save you money, reduce tax liabilities, stream line your business and maximize your profits. We will work with others such as your accountant. We are your partner in growing your business.


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